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Ascent Audiology & Heating

133 Rollins Ave, Ste 2
Rockville, MD

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  • Julie P
    May 2015
    I got an appointment in only a few days. The audiologist was very friendly and efficient. I had never had hearing aids before, but was immediately fitted for two of them. The hearing aids are comfortable and work extremely well. I can again hear well in the theater and in social groups. I highly recommend this audiologist.
  • Mike R
    May 2015
    I am into my third year with Ascent Audiology. Starkey hearing aids have improved my hearing substantially. Ascent has provided the best service I have experienced from any vendor. They are always available to handle a question or fix a problem. Ascent has my recommendation.
  • Max E
    June 2015
    My whole family comes here. I highly recommend this office. I have referred several friends and family members to this office. Great staff and service!
  • Alice M
    June 2015
    Very professional and yet individual experience. My appointment was in the Rockville office. From making the initial appointment, testing, deciding which hearing program I needed to receiving and fine tuning the device - the entire process could not have been more professional and yet very individually directed. I would recommend this office for anyone interested in hearing help.
  • Kudlapur
    June 2015
    highly devoted to customer satisfaction, friendly, responsive and highly personalized. In the two years that I have dealt with Ascent Audiology I have met with four doctors who seem to share the same work ethic of placing the customer first and going the extra mile to provide complete satisfaction. An excellent example is that the two year warranty I received for my hearing aid has now been extended to three, a great comfort given the cost of hearing aids. They make a special effort to teach customers the best ways of keeping hearing aids in good condition. I would readily recommend Ascent to anyone interested in a resolution of their hearing problem
  • Mary
    June 2015
    Ascent-Rockville provided me all the time and patient in helping me adjust to the new hearing aids which I truly enjoyed them. Ascent-Rockville provides convenient service hours on Saturday so I can spend more time with them adjusting and learning more about my new hearing aids.
  • Leonid
    June 2015
    Very Wonderful! Wonderful device and service! I have used Starkey hearing aid for one year. It is working perfectly. My confidence boosted because with Starkey, I can communicate better. It helped Me a lot .I'm really happy and thankful with Ascent.
  • JaneM
    June 2015
    Very Satisfied Very satisfied in everyday an always a pleasure to come in. We have found that the patients interests are always to the best interest of the patient.
  • JaneM
    June 2015
    Excellent service! I have been very impressed with the care that I have received. It has gotten me to a place that I can now hear so much better. after visiting for a few times, the results came out to be very satisfying . Now, life for me is easy especially now that I can hear very well.
  • BernScott
    June 2015
    Very professional. Thorough audiogram, pleasant and attentive staff. Friendly and attentive reception. Attractive setting. I thought everyone was not rushed and very knowledgable. The entire experience was very pleasant and reassuring. All my questions were fully answered. I feel that I was in experienced and professional hands.
  • Reina
    July 2015
    I always feel in the best care with Dr. Anzola. Since working with Dr. Anzola, I have experienced increased hearing in environments that were a problem for me before. I am very satisfied with the attention I've received.
  • Gerald Pilson
    July 2015
    Everything is great! Great service and great people. Dr. Anzola has been extremely helpful in minimizing the effects of hearing loss. I have been most pleased with her help, and I look forward to continue having her monitor my hearing and letting me get on with a normal life. Her help is really life changing and overwhelming. I'd recommend Ascent to those who have hearing defects, so like me , they can experience the greatest service worth paying for.
  • Peter K
    July 2015
    Dr. Anzola, Thank You for Everything! My family has been going to Ascent of Rockville and Mclean for decades. And I hope you will trust me when I say that they are truly amazing at what they do. Dr. Anzola in particular is one of the sweetest, smartest, most caring professionals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She will go out of her way to patiently help you and make sure your needs are clearly heard, understood, and addressed. We are indebted to her absolute knowledge and dedicated staff. Dr. Anzola has gone the extra mile for us and you should go the extra mile to see her!
  • AnaB
    July 2015
    Excellent practice. Dr. Anzola is an excellent professional. I'm very happy with her professional practice and office. Before I went there, I visited to many doctors and they never solved my problem. With Dr. Anzola my experience has been very good. She gave great service which is really satisfying and more worth paying for. Ascent is the best audiology clinic that I will recommend to those who are looking for quality service when it comes to hearing problems.
  • GeraldR
    July 2015
    Extremely satisfactory! Got a new pair of hearing aids recently. We're still in the initial phase of adjusting and tweaking, but the experience so far has been great. Dr. Ansola is very tied in to listening to my reports of what's going well and what still needs work, and excellent at fine-tuning the hearing aids to improve my listening experience.
  • Sharon
    July 2015
    Great! We would highly recommend Dr. Anzola and her staff for hearing requirements. My husband Nat was the first one to get tested by Dr. Anzola and he was so impressed with the one on one care he received and the professionalism of the staff that he asked me to go with him for his follow-up visit. I was very impressed with Dr. Anzola as well. She offered me a free hearing test and I am glad I took her up on it, because I had lost substantial hearing in my right ear and I was fitted for hearing aids that day. Every visit has been a wonderful experience. When our new addition Cali a Yorkie chewed up one of Nats hearing aids, I called to ask about replacement and it was no problem. We even took Cali to meet Dr. Anzola and her staff. They welcomed Cali with open arms and had a replacement hearing aid for my husband
  • Jane Madison
    August 2015
    Excellent service! I have been very impressed with the care that I have received. It has gotten me to a place that I can now hear so much better. This treatment is really life changing. Now, I can do so much compared to the limited activities before having my ear problem fixed. Ascent is a really great help!
  • Reina
    August 2015
    Satisfactory! I am completely satisfied with all aspects of my experience with Dr. Anzola and her staff! Dr. Anzola is a highly qualified professional who cares for her patients' well-being and strives to provide them with the perfect solutions. In the friendly environment of her office, the staff is always attentive, supportive and efficient. One could not be in better hands!
  • Lucious Smith
    August 2015
    Only Here. If you need a hearing aid, Ascent Audilogy Rockville is the place to go. If you need an Audiologist they are always there. Highly recommend Dr. Anzola. The best can be found there only.good staff an very proffesional doctors . there really is no place else to be.
  • Adam M
    August 2015
    Professional, courteous and personable service by Dr. Anzola and staff! I just completed a year with hearing aids and very pleased with the service received by Dr. Anzola and her staff. Dr. Anzola ensures that all my questions are answered and I'm given complete information and demonstrations if needed. I'm seen at my scheduled appointment time and no problem if I need to reschedule an appointment.
  • Edward Bean
    August 2015
    Awesome! Great service providing the latest in hearing aid. Satisfied with my experience here. The doctors and staff are so awesome and caring. They did not compromise the service which makes me 100% satisfied! Thank you very much to Ascent Audiology. Very warm welcome and treatment for all patients! This is really awesome!
  • Thuy D
    August 2015
    Service is very good and quick! After service, my hearing aid is in good condition. I am satisfied! Thanks a lot! Everything in my life has changed eversince. It has been ascented by Ascent Audiology. Great patient accomodation and a friendly atmosphere. This is really the best ear care any patient could ever go to. Nowhere else, but at Ascent Audiology.
  • Beverly P
    May 2016
    Having tailor made ear molds soes not always result in a perfect fit. One of my ear molds would gradually ease out in the course of the day. I evidently have a very hard closing action in my jaw, and the mold didn't offer enough resistance. But all is not lost, - with no questions asked, a new impression was taken, and my warranty provides a free replacement . With a temporary ear bud, I am good to go - until my replacement is received.
  • Richard S
    June 2016
    You won't find a better audiologist than ascent audiology and their team of professionals. They're the hallmark of excellence. I drive all the way from southern Maryland to get my hearing checked. I won't go any where else. I've always been treated very well here. I'll keep coming back.
  • Edward J
    July 2016
    Received my hearing aids in 2012 from Ascent Audiology & Hearing. Had checked out several other places, but found out the staff at Ascent was the most professional, caring and better able to articulate my hearing needs. I fully trusted their advice, so I went with them. Have had three doctors of audiology assist me over the 4 years and they have all been outstanding and bring credit not only to themselves, but to their profession as well.
  • Michael P
    July 2016
    Professional, Personable and Caring My experience with Ascent Audiology has been very uplifting. I have seen Dr. Anzola but have dealt primarily with Dr. Boiano. They are both ""people"" persons with a positive, ""can do"" attitude. In addition to being personable and professional, they have always seemed motivated by a genuine desire to help me address any problem I have had. So, add ""caring"" to the list of adjectives. What a great business model. I wish them great success.
  • Ellen L
    November 2016
    After much procrastination, I found ASCENT AUDIOLOGY via Angie's List and visited them in October 2015. Dr. Julie Boitano (Rockville office) was helpful in identifying my hearing concerns and suggesting the type of hearing aid that would likely be most beneficial. I've now been wearing my hearing aids for six months and am very happy with both the service and the appliances.
  • Phyllis S
    December 2016
    My experiences at Ascent Audiology, Rockville I would recommend Dr Boiano to anyone I know who needs a very competent and knowledgable audiologist. I only wish that she was the audiologist on staff in Rockville when I purchased my hearing aids.
  • Lucille G
    December 2016
    Actually I have always been seen at the Rockville office and find the entire staff there to be efficient,knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly from Dr. Anzola on down to Christine at the front desk. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Boiano, but I am confident she will be a pleasant addition. Today I was also pleased to meet a nice young gentleman who gave me a hearing test who did tell me his name, but I amDr sorry that my senior brain cannot remember it. Apparently there has been a transition in the office and another employee that I also liked very much is no longer working there. As a suggestion, and not a complaint, in the future it would be nice to be informed of these changes ahead of time. I would highly recommend seeking treatment at this office.
  • John M
    December 2016
  • Nosipo F
    January 2017
    "Great experience. Loved it. Audiologist was super nice and made the whole experience very comfortable"
  • John F
    January 2017
    Very excellent, professional, friendly care. The atmosphere of the office and staff is very inviting, warm, hospitable, and high quality. It is a pleasure to recommend them. You will not be disappointed.
  • Jayne S
    February 2017
    I found Julie Boiano to be knowledgeable and capable. Her warmth was reassuring that I was at the right place with the right doctor. The followup on my purchase of my hearing aids was very good. Her support team was very helpful. I recommend her to anyone with a hearing problem!
  • Sue J
    February 2017
    Service Makes a difference I have seen both Dr. Anzola and Dr. Boiano, and they are excellent doctors. On my first visit, I explained that my previous experience with hearing aids was horrible, and I only wanted to try them if there was a substantial difference in quality versus 10 years ago. I am happy to say that there is a remarkable difference in quality. I actually appreciate my hearing aids now thanks to Dr. Boiano’s patience and encouragement to try the hearing aids that best matched my needs. She suggested the latest technology, but not the most expensive offering because this was as much help as I needed. I am impressed by the exceptional customer service Ascent Audiology provides (scheduling appointments, fixing problems immediately and promptness for appointmets). More significantly, the doctors truly work to improve each patient’s experience. If fixing one’s hearing problem was as simple as amplifying sounds, this area of specialization wouldn’t exist. Given the complexities, having a doctor who listens to your needs and challenges, understands your lifestyle and goals, is very important. Dr. Anzola and Boiano truly help as they look for specific solutions and modifications to meet personal needs. This is critical because business executives, retired people, students, and teachers all have different hearing needs. One solution will not help. Their knowledge, understanding of technology, and the time they take to understand what you need makes Ascent Audiology’s service invaluable.
  • David C
    February 2017
    It's a positive experience. The staff were caring and very accommodating. I definitely recommend Ascent Audiology for their professionalism and their warmth as well. I give Dr. Boiano a two thumbs up.
  • Jerry S
    4 weeks ago
    Was very impressed with the service we received. Dr. Boiano was patient, very helpful and professsional. We were very pleased and would recommend Ascent to others.
  • Martin G
    3 weeks ago
    Dr. Julie B. is just terrific. Not only as an audiologist but also as a person. She's extremely patient, a real pleasure. I've never worn hearing aids before and was reluctant to have them. Now I can't imaging not having them. Thanks Dr. B.
  • Charles D
    1 week ago
    I highly recommend this place. They solved a serious problem I had with my hearing aids very quickly. A+++
  • Eugene F
    6 days ago
    Everything is clean and professional. I'm always asked whether I'd like a cup of cofee (tea in my case). I am very comfortable working with Dr. Boiano on my hearing related issues. She listens carefully and has a range of possible solutions at her fingertips.
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