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Looking for Tree Trimmers and Groundsman

Due to increased demand, Integrity Tree Services is building out teams throughout the Midwest. We are currently looking for experienced and non-experienced Groundsmen and experienced Trimmers, Foremen, Equipment Operators, & Drivers.


Every Member of our team will:

    Become competent in tree and plant identification by following guidelines to cut by hand and machine or perform aerial removal of all vegetation encountered.
    Learn our culture
    Understand and uphold our shared values
    Pass pesticide test and understand the proper use of herbicide in right-of-way activity
    Acquire CDL A and understand regulations of heavy haul loads
    Understand chain saw operation and care
    Be competent on forestry mowers
    Understand and operate equipment utilized and its proper preventative maintenance
    Follow and understand OSHA and ANSI standards of practice
    Look at work efficiently and keep proper and effective records


Introduction to tree work and vegetation management

Learning the basics in safety of equipment and working near transmission lines

Tree Trimmer C

Learning a higher level of tree felling technique

Learns climbing, pruning, herbicide application, and mowing techniques along with introduction to advanced vegetation management

Gains a basic understanding of equipment

Tree Trimmer B
Enhance Trimmer C training and learn more of the safe work practice for each situation encountered
In depth understanding of OSHA and ANSI regulations
Begins training junior team members

Tree Trimmer A
Expected to lead work and production
Understands and follows individual client expectations and government regulations
Responsible for accurate documentation and record keeping

Equipment Operator
Operates and performs preventative maintenance on all equipment owned by the company
Assists in diagnosing machine breakdowns
Is expected to lead work crews and meet deadlines for production


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