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    Terry Cannon Terry Cannon just wrote a tip for

    Pizza Hut

    Every time I come into the store I have an issue with either my order or the Manager (Kita). The manager always has a poor attitude when she sees me and I hate having to "deal" with her. The first issues I was having with my food was the presentation quality. As a foodie that has working experience in the food industry, I look for my meal to be presented as beautifully as it should taste. Sometimes when I receive my pizza, it appears as if the just sliced it and tossed it in the box and I would be lucky if the slices were connected. I only come to this new location because they closed the location I'm ised to going to. Now the store looks great, most of the staff great, most of the food I receive after its properly made is great. The manager....not so much. She just started yelling at me and arguing with me because i stated she was being rude by taking the next customer when I wasnt even finished speaking with her. She attempted to just brush me off by turning her head and taking the lady in line behind me. I felt really disrespected. I wanted to know her Boss's name, her name, and the store phone number and she said to me that if I made a complaint to her boss in regards to her that she will ban me from the store for life! Now I was always raised that a customer that complains is doing you a great service by informing you of what changes need to be made for successful relationships and transactions. Pizza Huts manager is willing to ban me, a frequent paying customer, for expressing my dissatisfaction with the services and products!!!! How absurd. She enraged me and then I started engaging in the argument full fledged. I definitely deserve to be treated better. I mean, why come to work if your going to run the customers away??? -Utterly pissed and hungry Man. It now wonder that when you check out the reviews and the rating for this place that they all reflect very poorly!